Our Services

Since 1952, Tonelli Fine Art Studios has grown to include a wide and ever-expanding range of services. Our skilled artists pay great attention to detail and are able to deliver quality on projects of every scale.


We'll work with each community to ensure the best mosaic designs are realized beyond your expectations.

Stained Glass

Stained glass design and fabrication is a specialty of Tonelli Fine Art Studios.


Tonelli Fine Art Studios create a wide variety of sculptured marble pieces with inlaid mosaic.

Bronze and Metals

We offer decorative bronze and metal finishes that are catered to your vision.

Medallions & Plaques

We provide custom design and decoration to our medallions and plaques.

Restoration and Repair

Tonelli Fine Art Studios offers restoration services for a variety of works of art.

Services By Scene

Here is a selection of some of our more notable areas of focus based on areas found within the church.